Zenspath Podcast Episode 008...We're BACK!!!!

Holy crap will you look at that...we managed to pull our buts out of the fire and got the show back up!  This episode is hosted by Jeremy Powers and N5omniac and boy do we geek out with alot to cover.  We talk about everything from the rumors of the upcoming Nintendo system, Mortal Kombat coming soon, Comic-Con 2011, the 3DS launch, the announcement of the Sony NGP, Ocarina of Time 3DS, a bunch of Resident Evil news, a new Ninja Gaiden, Angry Birds creator thinks consoles are dead, THQ wants to step into Used Market, Marble Blast rolls off a cliff, Dead Rising 2 do-over, and much more!  Enjoy the show and let us know what you think by commenting below!  

We will be trying to move to an every two-week format barring any issues soon.  

Jeremy Powers aka Zen

Zenspath Podcast Ep. 008


Capcom Announces Dead Rising 2: Off the Record

Capcom announced today that Capcom Vancouver (previously known as Blue Castle Games) will be remaking Dead Rising 2 less than a year after it originally released (Sep. 2010 in North America), but now with a new main character and twist to the story to see how things would have played out.

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Catching Up With the ZensPath Podcast

So, here are the first 7 episodes of the Zenspath Podcast that we produced last year (2010) and will be refered to as "Season 01".  I will go back and create the necesary show notes for each one as time permits, but at least this way they are ready for everyone to enjoy off the bat. So in the future, there will be a link to the Podcast section located on the side, as well as the top, of the page.  Here are the links just in case you don't feel like looking. :D 

"Right click" on the link and select "Save link as..." to download the files.

ZensPath Podcast Ep 001
Zenspath Podcast Ep 002
Zenspath Podcast Ep 003
Zenspath Podcast Ep 004
Zenspath Podcast Ep 005
Zenspath Podcast Ep 006
Zenspath Podcast Ep 007 

Jeremy Powers aka Zen
Host of the Zenspath Podcast


Welcome to the NEW!

Well, here we are...I have FINALLY moved to a new hosting company, ported over the podcast, and have been hard at work getting a new group together to start Season 2 and get this going again! 

There will be a few changes that you may notice right away, like the lack of a traditional forum area as well as no on site flash playing of the podcast, but we are working to try and bring some of these features back either with future learning of the new tools available with Squarespace, or by adding some external parts to build up this site into the Voltron I believe it can be. 

Another change will be a larger focus redirected onto the podcast itself.  I will still be trying to write and post articles, reviews, editiorals, etc as well as getting the staff to contribute but the Zenspath Podcast will be what we are most here for.  We will build up a community around the show and the great people that help me make it possible. 

So as always, please email or contact me either by leaving a comment on the site, or by emailing me ( for the time being). 

Jeremy Powers
Host of the Zenspath Podcast

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