Super Smash Bros

Operation SMASH Drop!

Well, we have finally gotten everything going for our charity Smash Bros Tournament in support of Operation Supply Drop..."Operation SMASH Drop"!

The event will be held at Gulf Coast State College here in Panama City Florida, in the Advanced Technology Center, on November 14th, 2015!

There will be two parts to the tournament for people to enter if they choose. The first is a 1 v 1 "Human" league, where you will choose your fighter for the tournament at registration and stick with it to the end!

Second is the "amiibo" league, where you train and enter your favorite amiibo to fight it out with other players from around the area. Once again, you register your amiibo and stick with it through the tournament.

This is a charity tournament, so 100% of all money or item donations will go straight to Operation Supply Drop for them to use in conjunction with their great programs such as the "Supply Drop Program" where they "bring fun where there is none" to troops in hospitals or military installations across the world (US and Allied troops), the "Thank You Deployment Program" where they send veterans to various events across the world with a civilian counterparts, and finally the "Teams Program" where they focus on local groups to provide support together to directly address lowering veteran suicide, depression, homelessness, and unemployment. 

Entry is FREE, but we appreciate whatever you can donate towards Operation Supply Drop to help them on their mission to help veterans who need it. Email us at to register early, and make sure to include what character you want to use and/or what amiibo you want to use.  Please include "Operation SMASH Drop" in the subject so I can find it easily. 

I thank all of you that have supported this event and helped me towards it upcoming realization for a fantastic cause!  I hope to see you all there Saturday, November 14th!


Jeremy Powers Editor 

Zenspath Fight! - We Play Smash Bros Wii U...and Josh Breaks It

Jeremy (myself), Arthur, Terence, and Josh were able to head over to Mobile on June 14th to get our hands on a preview for Super Smash Bros Wii U and 3DS which ended up being a mix of hillarious occurences for the trip as well as the gameplay. 

I will add in what the others thought, but I personally found the game to be very quick, not Melee quick, but WAY faster than Brawl with a great feel for the controls.  I played as Mega Man for the first match, and then Little Mac for the second and third ones.  Not much was seen of the items, but the levels worked out well for different levels to fight on as well as environmental surprises that worked with their individual themes.  The animations and attention to detail rival that of Nintendo's last game, Mario Kart 8, where everything seems to be ready for a nice close up look in replays and when you pause the game which is great to once again see.  

Below are the two videos for the three rounds we played.  The first video contains the first two rounds (the second of which came crashing down) while the last one has our third and final match together.  

Let us know what you think of the game and what else you would like to see!