Come Remember Where WipeOut! Began...On Your Browser!

Fun little thing that popped up this morning where you can now view all of the tracks, logos, team logos, and ships from the original release of WipeOut! on your PC in a browser. 

Dominic Szablewski,  aka @phoboslab on Twitter, did a fantastic job of reverse engineering the game to extract the models and then took the time to get them working in the browser.  You can let them play as a fly-thru or you can take free control of the camera to see all of the detail you missed when you were flying by at super speed during races. 

I hope more people do this for older games as it just opens up the view of how these games are made and the tricks they used to build the worlds we explore for fun. 

Go check out these awesome tracks HERE.


Jeremy was a Guest on Ep 139 of the Super Podcast Action Committee!

Well, this Saturday I was able to be a guest on the Super Podcast Action Committee episode 139 right along with the always great Andrew Eisen. 

We talk about Bill Paxton playing Jack Thompson, cover some of their polls, discuss hate on the internet (remember kids: Hate with LOVE!), the DLC issue with Mortal Kombat X, and more!

Come take a look and let us know what you think of the show. You can find Andrew on Twitter at @AndrewEisen and of course over on Gamepolitics!


Game Night Sunday! Begins

(Note: The above logo is just a placeholder and will be replaced with a more final design later!)

Just to let everyone know, we have started a new show on called "Game Night Sunday" that is not in the normal form you may be used to.  This show will be done on Sunday night and streamed live on Twitch so you can talk and interact with us while we play an assortment of games together and talk on the air.  

We have a MASSIVE list of games available to play and so far have enjoyed messing with Super Smash Bros for Wii U, Super Smash Bros for N64, Kirby's Raibow Road, Wii Party U, Fortune Street, Rayman Legends, Super Mario 3D World, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, and much more. We have most of the systems available to play and stream and would love to hear from everyone on what you would like to see us play and talk about. 

You can find this stream as it is going on at Twitch.TV/Zenspath and then on or here on afterwards to see it recorded.

We hope to see you soon and to bring in more content as we can!


Zenspath Podcast Ep. 23 - Inevitable Nintendo

Wow, it's been awhile hasn't it. Come join Jeremy and Josh as we talk about what has been happening in the gaming world since we took a hiatus along with our special guest, Caleb Erskine, from the Nerd Edification podcast. 

We talk about the announcement of the all female cast for a Ghostbusters reboot, the wave of repeats in games since most backwards compatibility is gone, our question of the show (remember to tell us what you think!), and more.

Take a listen below!

Also, take a listen at the beginning and end to hear our new theme song as done by friend of the show Tony Manfredonia (Composer for Ackk Studio's "Two Brothers"). Tell us (and him!) what you think of it.

Caleb Erskine's Info

Twitter: @Nerdedification

Contact Jeremy and the cast below!

Twitter: @Zenspath


Smash Prodigy Shown to be a Possible Fake

Smash 4 (Wii U) is coming out soon on November 21st and the hype has been insane for this game.  Events are being held and tournaments planned.  Yet out of all of this an interesting occurrence arose of a 10 year old girl named Karissa who is now being called by some "Karissa the Destroyer" for her amazing Smash 4 gameplay ability. 

And now she is being shown to be possibly a fake set up by Gamestop. 

I was amazed at what I saw when the article first got my attention and I saw the immediate reactions where people claimed it could not be true.  I honestly hoped that it wasn't and even mentioned the people who claimed my own experiences with gaming have been Nintendo "plants" for publicity.  I even went so far as to comment about it stating as much. The video looks real (as seen below) but there are some pretty big bits of evidence that have come up showing this to be a Gamestop fake.

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Blizzard's Next Big Bad Project

Is Overwatch.

Makes me wonder why Blizzard hasn't tried to make movies. Their animation team has always been fantastic.

So, Overwatch was primarily created out of the ideas of the cancelled Titan MMO they were working on before, but this game went in an entirely new direction that I don't believe anyone could have guessed. A first person shooter. Not like Call of Duty, Battlefield, or Halo, this has it's own style and is very reminiscent of Team Fortress 2. And that's a good thing.

Check out the gameplay and characters below you'll soon be taking over sometime in 2015.


Project M Livestream!

We're hosting a big livestream event this Friday night at 7pm CST for the Smash Bros Brawl mod "Project M 3.02." BE THERE.

Link for Twitch Channel


What Science Thinks of Captain America & The Incredible Hulk

This is a fun little experiment, but I have always had a fondness for thought experiments in general for their ability to help you think outside the box.  Stanford University Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Biology, Sebastian Alvarado walks through a few of these concepts while trying to explain how the Marvel Comics characters of Captain America and The Incredible Hulk could possibly exist and why they look how they do. So enjoy the videos below and feel free to leave some comments here, on, or hit us up on Twitter (@Zenspath). We love to hear what you think!

Original Source: The Creators Source


The Master Chief Collection

Being that Halo 2 was the first game that I had ever started with my midnight releases, and of course the plenty of countless hours that were put into it afterwards, I have so many fond memories of this game. This of course shouldn't surprise you that after seeing the reveal of this magnitude that quite literately blew me and many fans away. The fact that it includes ALL four games from the tales of the chief including their original multiplayers in tact AND Halo 1 finally having online multiplayer was nothing short of a miracle. No one believed they were going to go to this length to make all of this happen. But they are, and it is fantastic indeed.

I'm not quite sure of what to make of the changes they are putting into the H2 Aniversary multiplayer maps (which may as well be it's own multiplayer game at this point). I definitely like the ideas behind the changes thus far, but time will definitely tell once I get my hands on it...


Let's Just Drop This Stupid Idea That The Gamepad Should Go Away...

Here to stay....

Ok, Nintendo released an update for the Wii U recently (Version 5.1.0) in which two main things were added: the ability to move content from one Wii U to another and the ability to use the eShop with a Wii Remote, Pro Controller, or Classic Pro Controller now instead of JUST the GamePad as it had been since launch. 

This of course has started up the people claiming this is the final "sign" that Nintendo will, and for some reason HAS TO, remove the Gamepad in order to properly run and sell the Wii U.

I'm here to point out how much "BS" that actually is.  Let us begin.

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Fatal Frame: Nuregarasu no Miko Announced for Wii U in Japan

Tecmo Koei and Nintendo of Japan have announced the latest game in the Fatal Frame series, "Fatal Frame" Nuregarasu no Miko".

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Mother Russia Bleeds

The indie scene has really been on the ball when it comes to taking up the mantel by bringing back genre's that were previously thought dead. With this new indie title dubbed Mother Russia Bleeds, it looks to be taking heavy influence from classics such as Streets of Rage, and Final Fight, but on a whole new level.

I remember reading somewhere that this game also seems to be taking cues from Hotline Miami which I completely agree; spots of very violent action, blood, and even a hint of the bizarre...


Sonic Boom...Counterpoint 


First things first, this is NOT here to "disprove" or say that Arthur's views (found here) on this game are wrong or right in any is just my oppinion and we both have our own on MANY things.  Though I do expect this in a podcast eventually. Could be fun. Now onto the article!

Sega is coming out this year with the last of their exclusive titles for the Sonic franchise on the Wii U that will be connected with a new cartoon series as well.  This has jarred some fans because of the difference in style they have gone with, but the game itself has been something I have greatly looked forward to.  Here are some reasons why I feel this way personally.

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Sonic Boom...

And just like that, I believe I'm done with the Sonic franchise. A universe that I've loved as a kid is now nothing more than a tired IP. Even in the hands of a new developer, Sonic Boom looks to be more of the same mediocre "watch the game play itself" type of game. What's worse is that every character now has these one-liners that are very cringe worthy.

Sonic: "This is what SPEED looks like!"
Amy: "Last one to the bottom is a rotten Eggman!"
Sonic: "Cowabunga!"
Knuckles: "I don't like getting wet."
Robotnik: "Nailed it!"
Knuckles: "HEY! There are things inside these things."
You can't have an "edgy" design to the characters and then have them say stupid crap like this. It doesn't work.

I'm still not sure what to think about the new combat parts, but then again they don't really look like anything to write home about either. I guess they could have been a lot worse, I'm looking at you Sonic Unleashed. But lassos. Really?

I understand that this new developer is trying to bring more character and perhaps an actual story to the game, but this is simply unforgivable. The sad part is that I was actually looking forward to this, a much needed change that might have broken the so called "Sonic Cycle."

I don't think Sonic was really meant for the 3D realm, or at least there hasn't really been a developer to do the series justice, and Sonic Boom so far doesn't do it any favors. I shall end my own Sonic Cycle by not further subjugating myself to playing any more of these newer entries until they finally somehow crack the code and bring about a much needed worthy game altogether. Until then...

Shape Up!

While there were quite a few surprising anouncments during E3 this year, there is one that I think is getting overlooked. During Ubisoft's conference, they showed one game that I know I wasn't expecting. A game that actually made working out By incoporating these minigames that revolve around a certain exercise, you may even actually WANT to jump in to gain experience points and level up your character.

This entire premise is quite brilliant and reminds me before of a conversation I had with a friend where he introduced this thought of creating videogames that has potential of replacing our current archaic, and flawed public school system in ways of really learning and grasping concepts. The crazy isn't an idea too far off and this is actually a thing that is occuring in certain schools. Even with games like Portal 2.

The future is bright indeed.


Zenspath Fight! - We Play Smash Bros Wii U...and Josh Breaks It

Jeremy (myself), Arthur, Terence, and Josh were able to head over to Mobile on June 14th to get our hands on a preview for Super Smash Bros Wii U and 3DS which ended up being a mix of hillarious occurences for the trip as well as the gameplay. 

I will add in what the others thought, but I personally found the game to be very quick, not Melee quick, but WAY faster than Brawl with a great feel for the controls.  I played as Mega Man for the first match, and then Little Mac for the second and third ones.  Not much was seen of the items, but the levels worked out well for different levels to fight on as well as environmental surprises that worked with their individual themes.  The animations and attention to detail rival that of Nintendo's last game, Mario Kart 8, where everything seems to be ready for a nice close up look in replays and when you pause the game which is great to once again see.  

Below are the two videos for the three rounds we played.  The first video contains the first two rounds (the second of which came crashing down) while the last one has our third and final match together.  

Let us know what you think of the game and what else you would like to see!


"Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX + Alpha" Shown

So...this just got crazy.  You can now download and play as the previous Dead Rising crew (Nick, Annie, Chuck, and Frank) while dressing them in costumes ranging all through Capcoms history.  It's available now to download on Xbox Live for $9.99.


"Chromophore: The Two Brothers Directors Cut" Shown for Wii U

Ackk Studios has dropped the trailer for the upcoming release of Two Brothers for the Wii U eShop, and it seems even more will be changing than we originally thought.

Now titled "Chromophore: The Two Brothers Directors Cut" the trailer shows off the games classical beauty and vibrant use of color..and morbid humor as well.  Make sure to check out the trailer below, and we will update this article once we hear back from Ackk Studios.


Halo Collection Unveiled for Xbox One

Well it looks like the rumour of the Halo series (1-4) coming back as an HD remake set turned out to be true.  All four games will be contained on one disc, with the focus of multiplayer being on Halo 2 as its anniversary is coming up this year.  All of the games will be running at 1080p/60Hz so gameplay wise it will be one of the smoothest Halo experiences ever made (since PC).  

Halo Collection will be coming to the Xbox One later this year on November 11th from 343-Studios.


E3 Begins - Metal Gear Solid V Japanese Trailer Reveal (UPDATE)

UPDATE: And just like that, Konami has had it pulled from YouTube with a copyright claim.  I managed to download it, but don't have a way to put it up right now.  We will update the story with the English version once it is made available.

It's 2:30 am (CST) but that hasn't stopped E3 from jumping ahead and showing off the first goodie.  Below you will find the first new trailer for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain which was leaked early.  This one is in Japanese, but the english version was shown and then taken down.  You can witness the beauty and detail...and even many MANY surprises and references inside.  It may say "Coming 1984"...but we have it right now to see.