Zenspath Podcast Visits the Pacific Pinball Museum!

Hello again to everyone and I apologize for the month long delay!

Me and N5omniac were spending some time in California for our jobs so it was a bit of a pain trying to get the podcast up and running between the long days and many other events we had.  But thankfully we did manage to sneak in a little time to further dive into a part of the world of gaming me and him greatly enjoy.

After a Long Day of Fun

On July 10th, we both headed over to San Francisco and Alameda where we dropped in on the Pacific Pinball Museum to see and learn about the history of such an amazingly simple, yet infinitely complex game. I grabbed a video which will be after the break that shows just a small walk-thru of this fantastic museum which covers over 100 years of this fine past time as well of the American ingenuity and creative spark to grow this from such a simple idea to what it is today.

I was honored to have been able to interview Dan Fontes (Interview can be heard at the bottom) who helps run the museum as well as being the person who painted many of the large murals you will see around the video.  He was honestly excited about the games themselves and never shyed away from answering questions about them or just offering insights you normally couldn't find by just walking around.  The interview will be posted along with the next episode of the ZensPath Podcast hopefully this weekend if I can get everything going before I head off to Comic-Con next Tuesday.

So please check out the museum online at www.pacificpinball.org and let them know that the ZensPath Podcast sent you.  And if you are in the area, it was only a small amount of money to be able to visit the museum and over 90 tables were available to just walk up and play for free with admission.  Don't miss this chance to educate yourselves on the history for this part of the rich gaming past.


Zen aka Jeremy Powers


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Pacific Pinball Interview with Dan Fontes