The Behemoth Shows Us How Tough Pink Can Be!

Those crazy people over at The Behemoth have granted us a new update for the XBLA version of Castle Crashers called "Title Update 2".    Doesn't sound like much, but they delivered on quite a few additions, as well as helped to show the world once again that gamers really can care. 

A list of the changes from their Development Blog follows after the break:


  1. The Pink Knight has been added along with new .  Once a myth around the XBLA community, the developers at The Behemoth decided to make this myth real...and to bring about it's birth for a good cause because while the character is free to download, the first 50,000 downloads will net a $1 each donation to the "Keep A Breast Foundation" which raises breast cancer detection and prevention awareness. Thank you again Behemoth team for helping to show people that Gamers really do care. (JP)
  2. The Blacksmith Pak is available for 160 MS Points.  This will include the new "Purple" Blacksmith character who is armed with miniature antlered frogs, burning hammers of justice, and springboard contraptions. As the Behemoth put it "this warrior is much like William Wallace (ala Braveheart), but purple and definitely not Mel Gibson."
  3. A Team vs Team feature was stuck into the Player Match Area to accompany the current Free-For-All.
  4. You automatically get two new Avatar Awards to show off your Castle Crasher love.  The Cardinal Animal Ord which flys around you and the Knight Helmet which comes in orange.
  5. You can now check other player's Gamer Cards during Xbox Live games.
  6. A News Ticker will now help keep you up to date on any Castle Crashers and Behemoth news!
  7. There is a list of notable bug fixes as well that can be found HERE.

 So once again a great game for local single player/multiplayer and great online fun with friends and strangers alike has managed to get even better.

Now, can we toss this on a 3DS or Vita for travel maybe? Would look great and let me beat up people on the move!

Jeremy Powers
Host and Editor of the Zenspath Podcast