Zenspath Podcast Episode 018 - Virtual Finger!

Welcome back since we have been late as heck!

We have a great cast this show with myself, N5omniac, Jeremiah, AJ, and Josh for one catch up show where we get back into the swing of things as we push to keep the show going for any and all that are listening.  

We talk about Konami both dropping a needed update for a recent game while going back and updating a 4 year old title.  Polytron throwing a fit for making a broken game and having to pay for it.  Nintendo has launched the giant Nintendo 3DSXL alongside the coin based New Super Mario Bros 2. Nintendo is still being coy about Wii U news while Josh both hates and waits for it.  Listen to the show to find out what else we end up rambling about in the world of gaming!

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Jeremy Powers
Editor and Host of the Zenspath Podcast

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Zenspath Podcast Ep 018