Steam's Big Picture Mode is Finally Here...

...but it's only in beta. With that said, it's free and open to anyone that wants to give it a shot. This very unique feature is Valve's way of putting you on the couch more so you can still enjoy those awesome PC games. Only having tried it out for a short time, I really enjoy what it has to offer. It reminds me of a very simplified Xbox Dashboard, and I kinda like that too. Video and more after the break.

Big Picture Mode was made to utilize the controller on your awesome living room electronic display, but it's not just limited to the TV as you can also use it for your PC. To install this update, you will have to go into Steam>Settings>Account and look for the Beta Participation option near the bottom. Just change that over to "Steam Beta Update" and you're set!

I did find a few issues with this however, and am really unsure how they will move forward with this. I found that even though they working this toward full controller support, this does not put controller functions into games that did not already support them. I also found that it's really difficult to locate where your game key is because I still haven't found it...

Either way, I'm sure Valve will find a way to improve and make BPM even better. Valve is still the Google of videogames in my book after all.

Your friendly neighborhood PC Lead Writer,

Arthur Heinrich