We Need You!

I'll be straight and to the point. What is it that you guys would like to see here? And we're talking specific topics on our podcasts, articles, or maybe even making our own fun videos. I know we've thrown ideas back and forth, bouncing ideas off each other, but we also would like to reach out to you guys first. Our audience.
You see, our plan isn't to be like all of the other gaming sites that share a lot of the main information. Yet our drive comes from more participation and feedback from you. We really enjoy putting up our work for you guys, and while we have been lacking in content lately, quite a bit of it stems from a lack of active users. This is why we are reaching out to you. Is our current content not tough e'nuff? Does our website need a better layout?
Feedback helps us get better! Support us by simply commenting on the articles, participating for free games when we have our podcasts, and showing this place to a friend!
Your friendly neighborhood PC Lead Writer,
Arthur Heinrich