Sonic Boom...

And just like that, I believe I'm done with the Sonic franchise. A universe that I've loved as a kid is now nothing more than a tired IP. Even in the hands of a new developer, Sonic Boom looks to be more of the same mediocre "watch the game play itself" type of game. What's worse is that every character now has these one-liners that are very cringe worthy.

Sonic: "This is what SPEED looks like!"
Amy: "Last one to the bottom is a rotten Eggman!"
Sonic: "Cowabunga!"
Knuckles: "I don't like getting wet."
Robotnik: "Nailed it!"
Knuckles: "HEY! There are things inside these things."
You can't have an "edgy" design to the characters and then have them say stupid crap like this. It doesn't work.

I'm still not sure what to think about the new combat parts, but then again they don't really look like anything to write home about either. I guess they could have been a lot worse, I'm looking at you Sonic Unleashed. But lassos. Really?

I understand that this new developer is trying to bring more character and perhaps an actual story to the game, but this is simply unforgivable. The sad part is that I was actually looking forward to this, a much needed change that might have broken the so called "Sonic Cycle."

I don't think Sonic was really meant for the 3D realm, or at least there hasn't really been a developer to do the series justice, and Sonic Boom so far doesn't do it any favors. I shall end my own Sonic Cycle by not further subjugating myself to playing any more of these newer entries until they finally somehow crack the code and bring about a much needed worthy game altogether. Until then...