Fatal Frame: Nuregarasu no Miko Announced for Wii U in Japan

Koei Tecmo and Nintendo of Japan have announced the latest game in the Fatal Frame series, "Fatal Frame" Nuregarasu no Miko".

The game, which is set to release on September 27th, 2014, stars Kozukata Yuuri who has the ability to see people who have been pulled into the ghost world and even able to bring those people back to the world of the living.  You will travel around mountains, forests, old houses, and other locations yet to be announced with ghosts coming from every direction, including your own camera.

And that is something else unique to this Wii U exclusive game in that the Nintendo Gamepad functions as your camera to photograph, and thus capture, the ghosts that you face.  This has the possibility to truly use the Gamepad in a uniquely interactive way while you explore this dark world.  

Lastly, flowing water seems to be a running (no pun intended) theme in this game and I am not sure how this will come into play.  But from the video above, and the screenshots throughout and below, this game seems to be coming together beautifully.  Now we can just hope that Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Japan will do the right thing and bring this to America because the Wii U desperately needs more games like this.