Zenspath Podcast Episode 001 - NX Chat

Welcome back to the rebirth of the Zenspath Podcast!  With the time it has been since we last did a show, and much of the group moving on from working on the site on a regular basis, we have decided to restart the show back at Episode 001 with a new video format and discussion style. While we may from time to time cover news stories, much of that is being covered with my work at the Nerd Edification Hour with Caleb and Rachel so now the Zenspath Podcast will try and focus on particular topics each week.

Another change will be the staff. I will try and be here each week as I normally am, but my guests will cycle between friends from all across the country and maybe even globe eventually. This week I am glad to have Zenspath.com's own Brent "N5omniac" joining myself, Caleb from the Nerd Edification Hour, and my friend Keith to discuss the upcoming Nintendo NX.

We talk aboiut what little Nintendo has told us, some interesting rumors that may have some truths about them, and a few crazy rumors that just don't fly at all.  We round it out with final thoughts on what we personally want from the NX as well.

Thank you again for joining us, and let us know what you want to see in the future.