Humble Indie Bundle #5

A brand new Humble Indie Bundle deal has arisen yet again this time dubbed "The Humble VOXATRON Debut." This bundle currently includes the games:

  • Voxatron - A very unique game which uses Voxels (which are basically 3D pixels) to create a stylized look with top down camera focus and platforming elements. This game is currently in early stages of development, but they will give you free updates all the up to it's final version and beyond!

  • Blocks That Matter - 2D sidescroller that is part puzzle, part block building similar to Minecraft.

  • The Binding of Isaac - Classic Zelda type sidescrolling gameplay from the guys that gave you Super Meat Boy.

Check after the break for more info and videos!

As always, you will have to pay more than the average in order to obtain all of the games, but why wouldn't you? They are all awesome.
Now for detailed info for those of you who are still new to the whole HIB deals. These types of deals have started up since mid of last year, and have been going strong ever since. These have been dedicated to helping independent developers and charity alike. All games are cross platform, and do include Steam keys later on when they become available after your initial purchase. You can literately pay what you want, but if you do expect to only receive the first announced title. If you pay more than the average, you will get every single game that is added later down the road (in some cases, they will even throw in the entire pack of games that was shown off last time!).
There's only a week left in it's promotion so grab it up while you can! And if you are still on the fence, checkout the videos below that showcase the games.