Zenspath Podcast Ep 15 - The Mayans Called It

Welcome back to the Zenspath Pocast!  

We took a break for a bit because just about everything you could think of happened to slow or outright stop us from recording...but we didn't give up!  Jeremy and Josh got together to talk about some Forza Motorsports 4, Skyrim, Sonic Generations (OMG it's actually GOOD), the death of the Lego Universe, and much more.  (Like Jeremy can't shoot a rabbit.)

We also talk about the decision to make the game giveaway for "Child of Eden" an ongoing event because while we GREATLY appreciate the 2 posts we got for the last show...we need to see some more!  Tell your friends, your family, your enemies, YOUR PETS! We need to get the word out to people about the show because we do this for YOU so we need to know what you want and like about the show.  So to sweeten the deal we are now including a copy of "Fruit Ninja Kinect" along with a sealed copy of "Child of Eden".  I know this contest is 360 focused, and I promise to change it up as time goes on, but you could win it for a friend, trade it in once you get it, use it as a coaster....it's up to you! (please be nicer than the coaster...)

So give the episode a quick download below or keep an eye out for it on iTunes and Zune Marketplace as we are working to get added to those locations for your ease of access.  

Also remember to find us on Twitter (@Zenspath), email us questions and suggestions to Zenspath.com@Gmail.com, or find us on Xbox Live/PSN/Steam with our different names we gave 

Jeremy Powers
Editor and Host of the Zenspath Podcast 

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Zenspath Podcast Episode 015