Let's Just Drop This Stupid Idea That The Gamepad Should Go Away...

Here to stay....

Ok, Nintendo released an update for the Wii U recently (Version 5.1.0) in which two main things were added: the ability to move content from one Wii U to another and the ability to use the eShop with a Wii Remote, Pro Controller, or Classic Pro Controller now instead of JUST the GamePad as it had been since launch. 

This of course has started up the people claiming this is the final "sign" that Nintendo will, and for some reason HAS TO, remove the Gamepad in order to properly run and sell the Wii U.

I'm here to point out how much "BS" that actually is.  Let us begin.

Sonic Boom...Counterpoint


First things first, this is NOT here to "disprove" or say that Arthur's views (found here) on this game are wrong or right in any way...it is just my oppinion and we both have our own on MANY things.  Though I do expect this in a podcast eventually. Could be fun. Now onto the article!

Sega is coming out this year with the last of their exclusive titles for the Sonic franchise on the Wii U that will be connected with a new cartoon series as well.  This has jarred some fans because of the difference in style they have gone with, but the game itself has been something I have greatly looked forward to.  Here are some reasons why I feel this way personally.


Why is this a thing? Why do we have a considerable amount of people throwing their hands up in the air with disgust over non-native 1080p resolution (60 fps ಠ_ಠ) games? I don't quite get it myself. More and more do I see this stuff happen especially more so now that the Xbox One and PS4 have been released. Resolutiongate is what it's being referred to as, which apparently is today's "Doritosgate." The latter being a bit more controversial at least in my opinion, but that's another story for another day.

People laughing at supposed inferior hardware saying that no one will purchase said game. Is this what the console wars have drawn out to now? I understand how people try and justify their purchases when they more likely than not can only afford one versus the other, but this is still a pretty pathetic argument honestly if that really is the case. I could show you a game set on a 720p resolution and chances are that you wouldn't even be able to tell the difference. It looks just fine. Games are meant to be about how the game PLAYS. It's always been that way. Anything else is irrelevant.

Minecraft does what Ninten-don't

What's the deal Developers?

Well, that amazingly addictive "Lego Simulator" Minecraft has been officially announced at Gamescom this week to be coming to the Playstation 3, 4, and Vita which joins the already existing PC, Linux, Mac, Xbox 360, Android, and iPad/iPhone editions.  

And if you read that list again, you may notice a particular company seems to be left out in the cold on this deal.  Yep, not a single announcement for Minecraft to show up, in any form, for the Nintendo Wii U or the 3DS.  And no one know why.

Maybe It's Time For Me To Die Out From Gaming (Editorial)

I'm tired.  So many people pushing to change gaming away from what it had always been.  Rights being removed in the interest of profit...and people support them.  Discussions becoming hateful over differences of opinion where a fit is thrown and I get removed from a group of people I thought I could consider friends that i could go and talk over ideas openly with.  Or maybe it's another sign of an issue that resides with me.

A Look into the Progressive State of Resident Evil

This is the series that has come to name and define the survival horror genre, but with Capcom's attempt at trying to garner more attention from the gamers abroad it has become something...different. Fans of the original titles are now complaining that the series seems to have abandoned the original genre that it had originally helped create in favor of one that included more action. Even with the fan's negative outlook from this transformation, it became the standard to quite a few popular 3rd person shooters that would come after.

Zenspath Podcast Ep 15 - The Mayans Called It

Welcome back to the Zenspath Pocast!  

We took a break for a bit because just about everything you could think of happened to slow or outright stop us from recording...but we didn't give up!  Jeremy and Josh got together to talk about some Forza Motorsports 4, Skyrim, Sonic Generations (OMG it's actually GOOD), the death of the Lego Universe, and much more.  (Like Jeremy can't shoot a rabbit.)

We also talk about the decision to make the game giveaway for "Child of Eden" an ongoing event because while we GREATLY appreciate the 2 posts we got for the last show...we need to see some more!  Tell your friends, your family, your enemies, YOUR PETS! We need to get the word out to people about the show because we do this for YOU so we need to know what you want and like about the show.  So to sweeten the deal we are now including a copy of "Fruit Ninja Kinect" along with a sealed copy of "Child of Eden".  I know this contest is 360 focused, and I promise to change it up as time goes on, but you could win it for a friend, trade it in once you get it, use it as a coaster....it's up to you! (please be nicer than the coaster...)

So give the episode a quick download below or keep an eye out for it on iTunes and Zune Marketplace as we are working to get added to those locations for your ease of access.  

Also remember to find us on Twitter (@Zenspath), email us questions and suggestions to Zenspath.com@Gmail.com, or find us on Xbox Live/PSN/Steam with our different names we gave 

Jeremy Powers
Editor and Host of the Zenspath Podcast 

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Zenspath Podcast Episode 015

Zenspath Podcast Ep 14 - Technical Difficulties

Here we are with the new episode of the Zenspath Podcast a few weeks late after BOTH of the computers we use for the show died on us.  The laptop sadly is completely gone, but thankfully we did get the main PC up and running thus here is the show once more!

Now first off, you will hear about the new Bloody Roar game we talk about in the show...and yes we have already found out that like many other sites, we were the victim of a joke as the game is not really in development.

During the show we talk about how we feel about Gears of War 3 (SPOILER FREE!(mostly)), the new updates and reveals for Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Minecraft Pocket Edition delays and Josh's first time seeing Minecraft...where I promply fall directly into lava and die.

Also remember to sign up and comment on the show to be elegible to win a free copy of "Child of Eden" for the Xbox360 which can be played with either a controller or the Kinect and the contest is limited to the United States please (sorry guys!).  

Also remember to find us on Twitter (@Zenspath), email us questions and suggestions to Zenspath.com@Gmail.com, or find us on Xbox Live/PSN/Steam with our different names we gave 

Jeremy Powers
Editor and Host of the Zenspath Podcast 

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Zenspath Podcast Episode 014

Zenspath Podcast Episode 013 - EPIC Multi-Player Edition!

Welcome to the first 4-person episode of the Zenspath Podcast as well as the first one that also has a contest for a free XBLA copy of Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet!

In order to get the game, you need to listen to the podcast, register on the site, and finally leave us a comment about what you thought of the show and tell us what music we used on this episode. [EDITORS NOTE: Because of the difficulty some people are having with my choice, I will be giving more clues as time goes on. This is a SNES ACCLAIM game.] Once we get a correct answer that person will get the code directly from me either via email, or we can get together on Xbox Live and exchange it that way.  More games will be coming in the next few months as I can afford to do them, so please let people know so we can really get this little community going as well as what kinds of games or other give aways you would be interested in!  

Now onto the show notes.  We started things off with a very touchy and heated discussion about the whole Gamestop issue regarding them removing a code for a free copy of Deus Ex that Square-Enix had put into the retail PC copies of the game WITHOUT permission or even just letting Gamestop know about it before hand effectivly getting Gamestop to promote a direct competitor on their own dime.  Not cool on Square-Enix, but the situation was handled poorly on Gamestops side as they played damage control when then opened and removed the codes from each game Square-Enix sold them.  Eventually, after we recorded, they did issue a complete recall of the games and they have since been pulled from shelves until something can be fixed.

Other topics we covered:

* ICO/Shadow of the Colossus Collection bonus content
* Steel Battalion Heavy Armor for Kinect
* Battlefield 3 multiplayer
* New PSP in Europe with no Wi-Fi
* Resident Evil Revilations (3DS)
* Silent Hill HD Collection coming to 360 & PS3
* EA limiting physical and digital copies of Star Wars: The Old Republic
* Developers moving away from dedicated gaming systems
* PS3 price drop
* PS Vita games & Social Features shown off
* Playstation Home getting relaunched as an MMO
* New Devil May Cry
* Nintendo TGS event news and system rumors
* New Wii in Europe with no Gamecube support
* Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword releasing November 20th
* Kirby Wii coming October 24th
* Borderlands 2
* Canadian protest Valve
* Tekken coming to the 3DS and PS3
* Virtua Fighter V coming to XBLA & PSN
* Penny-Arcade making "The Decide-O-Tron"
* Minecraft wants to get some Quake on with Bethesda 

And finally we get into a debate about the classic Windows game "Minesweeper".  Neiko believes it to be a Strategy game, I (Jeremy) believe it is a Puzzle.  What do you think? Comment below and let us know what you think!

Jeremy Powers
Editor and Host of the Zenspath Podcast 

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Zenspath Podcast Episode 013

Better Late Than Never


Good afternoon, boys and girls.  AJ reporting in.  I'm the new addition to the Zenspath team, and I'll be heading up the PC side of gaming.  I made my debut in a previous podcast, and I shall be in future episodes.

I hope to make this place a more lively and interesting one, so expect articles pertainint to unique mods, indie titles, as well as other items that probably need more attention than they already have.

My main focus is to hit games that have either been released, or have a really good chance of being released.  And finally my goal here is to have at least one article a week, so depending on how well they go, and how well they are received, I may do them more often.

PC Lead Writer

Where is everyone at!?! (California...)

So yeah, I'm sure some of you have been worndering what happened to the page updates along with the lovely little podcast that we usually do over the past few weeks.  Well, I the answer is that I was sent to California for a month to get some work done and have had ZERO time to keep up with everything that has been going on, widdle it down to the important parts, and then produce the show while out here on the road.  Working 12 hour shifts for 6 days a week tends to do that to a person.  But, with that said I am starting to find some time to get things together and work out a battle plan to get a show going all the way from Sacremento California.  So please be patient with me while I work out the details...but don't rule me out.  I'm still here and kicking...just a little sleep deprived.

Jeremy Powers aka Zen
Host of the Zenspath.com Pocast 

What Will We Look Back and Play in 20 Years?

The year is 2031.  You want to remember your younger days and maybe show your kids/grandkids what gaming was to you when you were their age.  Dusting off your old system and finding an actual tv screen at an old garage sale (since you can't hook  up your NES/SNES/etc. to your Brain-TV) you start to look for some titles to show off the way it was.  So here's the question...what would you go for?  What games would you choose that have come out so far that you believe will hold up gameplay or story wise in 20 years?  Even now in 2011 we will break out our old games sometimes or just download them onto a newer system to enjoy our gaming heritage.  Super Mario Bros. has survived for 25 years, Resident Evil has been around for 15, it's been 18 years since we first walked slowly around the world of Myst, and a short 14 years since we met Cloud Strife in Final Fantasy VII.  

And for a bonus thought about a later article, keep in mind the DLC that each title has and think about how the game would be without it available.  Does it render parts unplayable, a game not really finished, or maybe one of your memorable parts just happens to be part of an expansion?  Sadly the servers and systems that are around today for these conveniences will not be around forever. (look at the original Xbox as a good example of this today.)

I will post some of my suggestions below in the comments....let us hear from you as well by posting them below or @Zenspath on Twitter!

Jeremy Powers aka Zen
Host of the Zenspath Podcast

Welcome to the NEW Zenspath.com!

Well, here we are...I have FINALLY moved to a new hosting company, ported over the podcast, and have been hard at work getting a new group together to start Season 2 and get this going again! 

There will be a few changes that you may notice right away, like the lack of a traditional forum area as well as no on site flash playing of the podcast, but we are working to try and bring some of these features back either with future learning of the new tools available with Squarespace, or by adding some external parts to build up this site into the Voltron I believe it can be. 

Another change will be a larger focus redirected onto the podcast itself.  I will still be trying to write and post articles, reviews, editiorals, etc as well as getting the staff to contribute but the Zenspath Podcast will be what we are most here for.  We will build up a community around the show and the great people that help me make it possible. 

So as always, please email or contact me either by leaving a comment on the site, or by emailing me (zenspath.com@gmail.com for the time being). 

Jeremy Powers
Host of the Zenspath Podcast