What Will We Look Back and Play in 20 Years?

The year is 2031.  You want to remember your younger days and maybe show your kids/grandkids what gaming was to you when you were their age.  Dusting off your old system and finding an actual tv screen at an old garage sale (since you can't hook  up your NES/SNES/etc. to your Brain-TV) you start to look for some titles to show off the way it was.  So here's the question...what would you go for?  What games would you choose that have come out so far that you believe will hold up gameplay or story wise in 20 years?  Even now in 2011 we will break out our old games sometimes or just download them onto a newer system to enjoy our gaming heritage.  Super Mario Bros. has survived for 25 years, Resident Evil has been around for 15, it's been 18 years since we first walked slowly around the world of Myst, and a short 14 years since we met Cloud Strife in Final Fantasy VII.  

And for a bonus thought about a later article, keep in mind the DLC that each title has and think about how the game would be without it available.  Does it render parts unplayable, a game not really finished, or maybe one of your memorable parts just happens to be part of an expansion?  Sadly the servers and systems that are around today for these conveniences will not be around forever. (look at the original Xbox as a good example of this today.)

I will post some of my suggestions below in the comments....let us hear from you as well by posting them below or @Zenspath on Twitter!

Jeremy Powers aka Zen
Host of the Zenspath Podcast