Come Remember Where WipeOut! Began...On Your Browser!

Fun little thing that popped up this morning where you can now view all of the tracks, logos, team logos, and ships from the original release of WipeOut! on your PC in a browser. 

Dominic Szablewski,  aka @phoboslab on Twitter, did a fantastic job of reverse engineering the game to extract the models and then took the time to get them working in the browser.  You can let them play as a fly-thru or you can take free control of the camera to see all of the detail you missed when you were flying by at super speed during races. 

I hope more people do this for older games as it just opens up the view of how these games are made and the tricks they used to build the worlds we explore for fun. 

Go check out these awesome tracks HERE.

Sonic Boom...Counterpoint


First things first, this is NOT here to "disprove" or say that Arthur's views (found here) on this game are wrong or right in any is just my oppinion and we both have our own on MANY things.  Though I do expect this in a podcast eventually. Could be fun. Now onto the article!

Sega is coming out this year with the last of their exclusive titles for the Sonic franchise on the Wii U that will be connected with a new cartoon series as well.  This has jarred some fans because of the difference in style they have gone with, but the game itself has been something I have greatly looked forward to.  Here are some reasons why I feel this way personally.

Jeremy Made a SuperPAC 100th Episode Guest Appearance

Hey all, sorry this is almost a week late but I wanted to share a guest apperance I was fortunate enough to be invited on for the Super Podcast Action Committee special 100th Episode Google HangOut!  I talked with Hosts Andrew Eisen and E. Zachary Knight, along with Managing Editor James Fudge, fellow writter Jason D'Aprile, and Geek Culture Writer Carol Pinchefsky.  

We talked about Nintendo and their current policies with YouTube, the upcoming E3 2014 show, and more!  I had a blast and hope to be involved with their show again soon.  Also, I admitted my Stockholm Syndrome for Nintendo...I guess the first step is admitting the issue, and the next will be to ignore it and play more Mario Kart 8.

Check the video below, as well as the original article over at!