Welcome to the NEW Zenspath.com!

Well, here we are...I have FINALLY moved to a new hosting company, ported over the podcast, and have been hard at work getting a new group together to start Season 2 and get this going again! 

There will be a few changes that you may notice right away, like the lack of a traditional forum area as well as no on site flash playing of the podcast, but we are working to try and bring some of these features back either with future learning of the new tools available with Squarespace, or by adding some external parts to build up this site into the Voltron I believe it can be. 

Another change will be a larger focus redirected onto the podcast itself.  I will still be trying to write and post articles, reviews, editiorals, etc as well as getting the staff to contribute but the Zenspath Podcast will be what we are most here for.  We will build up a community around the show and the great people that help me make it possible. 

So as always, please email or contact me either by leaving a comment on the site, or by emailing me (zenspath.com@gmail.com for the time being). 

Jeremy Powers
Host of the Zenspath Podcast