Catching Up With the ZensPath Podcast

So, here are the first 7 episodes of the Zenspath Podcast that we produced last year (2010) and will be refered to as "Season 01".  I will go back and create the necesary show notes for each one as time permits, but at least this way they are ready for everyone to enjoy off the bat. So in the future, there will be a link to the Podcast section located on the side, as well as the top, of the page.  Here are the links just in case you don't feel like looking. :D 

"Right click" on the link and select "Save link as..." to download the files.

ZensPath Podcast Ep 001
Zenspath Podcast Ep 002
Zenspath Podcast Ep 003
Zenspath Podcast Ep 004
Zenspath Podcast Ep 005
Zenspath Podcast Ep 006
Zenspath Podcast Ep 007 

Jeremy Powers aka Zen
Host of the Zenspath Podcast