Wii Announcements Tomorrow

(Original Post - 9-13-06)

Well, tomorrow should be the day that we hear about the new system from Nintendo, the "Wii". If all goes well we should finally hear about the launch date, launch games, more games, packaging, final controller and system stats, and most important - the PRICE! From what I have see, there should be two events happening - one in Japan, the other in New York at the Nintendo World Store. The Japan one is official, the other one may just be repeating the other events announcements. Some of the other rumors / news that I would love to hear about as well - Virtual Console games at release that we will see, their pricing and means of download / storage, what connection can we expect from the DS with the Wii (will it just be for demos and some other information, or will we be able to use it as a special controller for some great touch controls), did the DVD playback really get removed as a later add on, and what is the Opera Browser like for browsing and handling of the web wirelessly from the TV through the Wii. I'll try and get answers for these and any other questions that you send to me via the Questions link above asap. And I hope to have a new version of the forums up and running by Sat 9-16-06 if all goes well.