So, everybody have a good Christmas?  Mine went quite well with time spent with family as well as with a great collection of games for me to enjoy.  (I had to wait a day past...but damn was it worth it.) Between the Christmas holiday as well of my 28th Birthday (oh I am starting to feel old :( ) I managed to walk away with a nice stack of games as well as 2 new accessories that I have been searching for for quite awhile.  Here's the haul that I got:

Destroy All Humans! (Minus Bender)

Videogame publisher THQ has taken what I hope is the first step in a trend that could play well for consumers as well as for console makers with the announcements of their new Destroy All Humans! games coming for the PS3, Xbox360, Wii, and PSP in late '07 and early '08.  What they have done is actually take the franchise in two seperate directions in regards to what system they are going for to maximize the use of each systems strengths and to limit the weakneses by not trying to force one game to all of the platforms.  The PS3 and Xbox360 version is entitled "Destroy All Humans!: Path of the Furon" while the PSP and Wii versions will be "Destroy All Humans!: Big Willy Unleashed".  From what I have seen so far, the Wii/PSP version actually takes place in the 1970's just before the PS3/360 edition's events occur.  So if you have the option of playing the Wii version (it is available for the PSP, but was developed with the Wii in mind for controls) as well as one of the others on the PS3/360, you will actually get the entire story, but both will be playable without the others if you had to make a single choice this generation. 

Wii Edition Images -
360 Images -
360 Videos -

More on this promising title as it comes!

Guitar Hero III Guitars Revealed

Guitar Hero 2...I AM ADDICTED TO THIS GAME ON THE 360!!!  Just wanted to get that out there first.  Now onto the upcoming sequel from 1/2 of the development team that brought you part 2, Red Octane.  They announced and showed the new wireless guitars that will be coming for the Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii releases of the game. 

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Trailer

More news coming from E3 2007!  This time it's about the upcoming Nintendo Wii and Sony Playstation 2 title, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 in the form of a trailer on  Hopefully once I figure out the whole "courting" of game developers and verify that I have the bandwidth for it, I'll be able to host these videos directly myself.  But until that great day, follow this link to a great preview trailer for what looks like an interesting game !


Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles Confirmed

Yeah, I’m a bit behind on this set of news reports, but some things just take some work to get together. Nintendo and Capcom have finally made the announcements official that not only is Resident Evil 4 being remade for the Wii, but they also released news on Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles as well. 

First let’s talk about “Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition” as it’s been officially titled.  This version is going to be the greatest version of RE4 ever made for a number of reasons.  Here’s a few –

Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time on Wii VC




Nintendo released the "Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time" for the Wii's Virtual Console today for 1000 points ($10).  This game is listed as being one of the, if not THE, best game ever made by many people in the gaming community in all fields.  If you have never played this game, or just want to replay such a wonderful game again, feel free to purchase this for you Wii, you won't be dissapointed.  The only thing I wonder about is if the rumble feature will work in the game using at least the Gamecube controller.  The reason for this was there was an item in the original that was shaped like the rumble pack for the Nintendo 64, and allowed you to find secrets based on it's rumbles as you ran around.  I will find out and post more about it when I can. 


New Genesis VC games, Wii Revision On The Way, And Sony Gimps Euro PS3

Sega announced recently that it will be bringing 4 new Virtual Console (VC) games to the Wii soon.  These are "Sword of Vermillion", "Vectorman", 'Beyond Oasis", and "Sonic Spinball".  Sega is really starting to share the love with Nintendo as stated here by SEGA vice president of marketing Scott Steinberg.
"The Wii Shop Channel is a great avenue for gamers who want instant access to classic SEGA Genesis titles. Legendary games such as Sword of Vermilion, Vectorman, Sonic Spinball, and Beyond Oasis are a perfect fit for this platform."

New Page is Up and Going!

Well, after a full weekend of work and a little help from some friends, the page is finally updated and looking much better than the old version.  I moved the services here to a standard called "Wordpress" which was recommened to me and makes posting here much easier.  I'm still working out the details of the page, but 99% of it has been updated succesfully.  Now with that completed, onto some current news.

Got my Wii...and a new PC to Boot!

Well, obviously my promise to keep this page updated every week isn't going very well so far. But on a good note, I did manange to get my Wii about week after the last post (I LOVE that thing!) and as of 12/29/06 I got a new PC to work on the page along with my Photoshop. I'm currently in the process of trying to revamp the page to use Wordpress to make the blogging part of this work better, but this will do for now. As long as I can get the word out is what's important. But back to the Wii. Part of the reason I haven't updated much lately is because I have gotten quite a few of the launch titles for the system and wanted to get some serious play time in with them. I was not let down in the least. The other reason is that I wanted to make sure it wasn't going to be skewed by the whole "new" aspect of it. I wanted to give it time to sink in and give it an honest opinion.

Wii Launch Disappointment, FYE Issues, and Greed in Gaming

(Original Post - 11-19-06)

Well, today was supposed to be one of the best days of the year for gaming. A new system was released, the Nintendo Wii, which was supposed to bring new people as well as make some old ones return to the world of gaming. From what I have heard it has done this well, but there are two problems, neither of which have anything to do with Nintendo.

Wii Announcements and Impressions

(Original Post - 9-16-06)

Well, the day finally came and almost all of our questions about the Wii were answered. The Wii will be hitting North America on November 19th for 249.99. This will come with the system, power cable, video cable (yet to be stated what kind it will be), vertical stand, sensor bar, sensor bar stand, 1 Wii-mote controller, 1 Nunchuck analog attachment, and (for the first time since the Super Nintendo) they are packing in a game - Wii Sports. Wii Sports has 5 separate sports designed for ease of use but to let you use the controller to play the games as real as you can. The sports will be Baseball (seems to be a kind of home run derby mode from what we have seen), Boxing (you use the two parts of the control as your two hands and box..easy), Tennis (you swing the racket, but don't have to actually run around the court, the game does that for you), and the newly announced Bowling (just swing the controller like a bowling ball...again, easy). When I get a chance I'm going to update this later with some images (cross your fingers on that going well) and maybe even some videos (that would be nice).

Wii Announcements Tomorrow

(Original Post - 9-13-06)

Well, tomorrow should be the day that we hear about the new system from Nintendo, the "Wii". If all goes well we should finally hear about the launch date, launch games, more games, packaging, final controller and system stats, and most important - the PRICE! From what I have see, there should be two events happening - one in Japan, the other in New York at the Nintendo World Store. The Japan one is official, the other one may just be repeating the other events announcements. Some of the other rumors / news that I would love to hear about as well - Virtual Console games at release that we will see, their pricing and means of download / storage, what connection can we expect from the DS with the Wii (will it just be for demos and some other information, or will we be able to use it as a special controller for some great touch controls), did the DVD playback really get removed as a later add on, and what is the Opera Browser like for browsing and handling of the web wirelessly from the TV through the Wii. I'll try and get answers for these and any other questions that you send to me via the Questions link above asap. And I hope to have a new version of the forums up and running by Sat 9-16-06 if all goes well.