News from CES 2007 (Updated as Needed)

Well, CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2007 has kicked off and it seems like the biggest news this year is the use of the 1080p format.  We are seeing the first 1080p Hard Drive based camecorder from JVC (, it's being shown with some of the newest TVs to hit the market, and is even available on a new DVD player to upscale your existing movies to 1080i/p from LG (

On the Microsoft side, Bill Gates showed off some of the new fetures for Windows Vista for the first time ( including talking about it's direct connection to the Xbox 360 and Vista's ability to use the accessories from the 360 for itself (controllers, etc).  They also announced an IPTV system that will work with the Xbox360 to allow content on demand for the system.  Not many details were given, but it seems like an interesting idea for the most network friendly system ever made so far.