Wow...Been Awhile...How Are Things?

Man, sorry it's been so long since I've posted anything.  Since my last post, I've changed to a new job, working on some construction projects for the house (including building a theater/media room), and just playing a LOT of new games.  I'm currently working on a Zenspath.com design for my cars in Forza 2, and will be happy to give this to anybody that decides they want to race while showing support for this little site for gaming.  Email me at Zen@ZensPath.com if you are interested in getting some free designs, if you have any good ideas for designs, or if you just want to help out in some way.  You can also reach me as "Zen of the Dark" on Xbox Live.  Now for some news -

Log-In / Register and Page Fixes

If you haven't noticed, we have a link at the top of the page to either log in or register so you can comment on posts.  I apologize that this was overlooked this whole time, but it has finally been fixed.  You will also notice a few of the posts had to be recreated in order to locate and fix the problem that was occuring with the side bar being pushed to the bottom of the page.  So thank you for you patience and I will be updating more soon with some gaming news.


Playing Catch Up

Original Post - (10-24-06)

Ok, I’ve been slacking. I admit it. I’ve been so busy at work, with my family, and just enjoying the many games I play and love that I slipped on updating the site. Hopefully this will stop. At a MINIMUM, I am going to try and update the site at least once a week from here on out. Probably on Sun because I have the most time that day. But enough about me being a lazy gamer…on to the news so far.

Pre-Order Bad, Gamestop Worse

Originally Post - (01-18-2007) 

Well, as a lot of you are sitting back and enjoying all of the new content for the Blizzard released World of Warcraft Expansion – The Burning Crusade, I get to sit here and realize that Gamestop doesn’t know how to handle it’s customers in any form or fashion while I wait even longer for the game to be shipped to me. Yes I’m mad, so let me explain the situation.

Fanboy-ism and Gabe Speaks!

Well, this has been a busy week in the world of gaming and especially for electronics in general.  We saw the announcement from CES in Las Vegas about the first projector I have ever wanted - and it's R2-D2!  I'll post more about it later, but get the scoop at IGN by following this link for images and more! - http://gear.ign.com/articles/754/754184p1.html.

Now that my Star Wars fandom is officially announced to the world, I want to move onto another type of fan-ism or what ever it would be called, and that is the label of "fanboy" that I have found myself being called lately by different people. 

News from CES 2007 (Updated as Needed)

Well, CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2007 has kicked off and it seems like the biggest news this year is the use of the 1080p format.  We are seeing the first 1080p Hard Drive based camecorder from JVC (http://gear.ign.com/articles/753/753471p1.html), it's being shown with some of the newest TVs to hit the market, and is even available on a new DVD player to upscale your existing movies to 1080i/p from LG (http://gear.ign.com/articles/753/753472p1.html).

On the Microsoft side, Bill Gates showed off some of the new fetures for Windows Vista for the first time (http://gear.ign.com/articles/753/753481p1.html) including talking about it's direct connection to the Xbox 360 and Vista's ability to use the accessories from the 360 for itself (controllers, etc).  They also announced an IPTV system that will work with the Xbox360 to allow content on demand for the system.  Not many details were given, but it seems like an interesting idea for the most network friendly system ever made so far.


(Original Post - 9-12-06)

Yep, we were hacked. Sorry for all (if any) confusion or trouble this may have caused. The page was replaced by another groups page and message with the intent of using it to spread a virus. I made the decision to go ahead and pull the whole page down at the time to make sure as few people as possible were infected with it. But along with that, I ended up loosing the forums. But they will be back soon and better than ever. I'm going to use this chance to pretty much reboot the page and start again...bigger and better than the last. So if you have any suggestions for page design or content, please email me at the suggestions email above. Hope to hear from you soon! And keep reaching for gaming zen!

Jeremy a.k.a. Zen


Welcome to Zens Path to Gaming Enlightenment (www.zenspath.com)! This page is still in development but, when completed, will hopefully serve as an entry to all people in the ever growing community of gaming for all ages. We are currently working on getting the forums up and running, so check back soon to sign up and help this site have a place for everybody to come and discuss their gaming lives. I hope to be able to cover games that myself and the future staff choose to let everybody know about ranging from the must haves all the way down to some of the ones that we want you to avoid at all costs. More than just rating and recommending what games we can, I want this site to have user submitted and staff editorials based on gaming subjects of the day that they feel their voice should be heard about. We want to cover everything from censorship, the new political interests of the field, explaining the ESRB rating system, even what games and systems that we recommend for people. Feel free to email us gaming related questions using the "Questions" link above. We'll try and get back with an answer as fast as we can! I hope we can hold this position well and gain some respect in the gaming industry for trying to make it better for our community as a whole. We as a community are growing at an exponential rate and I hope to see that growth continue and evolve right along with all of the new innovations that are being made every day on the tech and political sides of the field.