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Free Game Friday: Black Mesa Source

At long last, the mother of all videogame modifications has arrived at our proverbial doorstep. Black Mesa Source is a full recreation of the original Half-Life story done with the new Source engine, and no I'm not talking about Half-Life: Source. Quite a bit of the game has been recreated, including brand new voice acting and music, to give it a more modern look (and to give people like me a real reason to finally beat it). One could say this mod is as infamous as Duke Nukem Forever. The best part of it all? It's completely free and completely sanctioned by Valve. You can grab it up right here, or torrent.

The game isn't entirely finished, but the team wanted to give us something to play as they add-on more of the story when they can. I know I can't complain about that! All you need to take part in the action is Steam along with the Source SDK installed.

So here's to you, reader. Enjoy your free game today!


Your friendly neighborhood PC Lead Writer,

Arthur Heinrich

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Reader Comments (1)

Robert was going to get it yesterday, but the whole, takes a day to download it, dissuaded him. He tried again this morning, and the torrent downloaded in a few hours. He was playing it, and enjoying this afternoon. Now, I actually have the disks for the PC version somewhere around here. Got the one with Blue Shift and Opposing Force, however the Blue Shift disc broke. :( It did look nice when Robert was playing earlier. This poor desktop probably couldn't handle it (it's poor single core CPU has enough trouble with my normal usage, not counting games) so I won't try it, yet. But eventually. :)

September 15, 2012 | Registered CommenterHelen Vickers
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